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Westcoast Charters Ltd the longest running and best smaller group fishing specialist for fishing Wellington region.
Safe licenced operator helpful freindly and professional you will catch good fish.
These dates and others available now 10th 12th 13th May 5 hrs single spots others as they come up better to text or call me 0272079159 good spots for all abilities calm weekday days weekend dates available now. For single spots I will advertise when good weather.May still some snapper tarakihi kahawai kingfish groper depending on the trip.
Prices for up to 5 people:- 5 hour $800 6 hr $900 full day 8-9 hour contact to discuss options.Specialised trips groper kingfish tuna call and discuss
Casual $160pp up to $240pp
Included fishing rods reels fishing tackle bait and burley with a big burley pot
Bring lunch and drink
A deposit of $200 to secure group booking casual bookings to be paid in full before the trip pay to ANZ 010546005581200 refundable if I cancel
Payment cash internet banking or Pay Pal
Fishing boat departure from Onepoto Rd Titahi Bay meet in the car park, we can do diving or do any kind of boat charter pilot swimmers you name it we are for hire.

Call Neil skipper and owner to book 0272079159 or email


FAQWhat are the differences between the fishing trips - A 5 hours home to home fishing close to home we can come home earlier if you want but still plenty of chance to catch suitable for beginners and kids. A 5 hour trip goes further and is a better option if you have some experience deeper water etc A full day trip we can do more go further have time for a dive maybe try deep water for groper if calm.
What times are the fishing trips - Usually 8 till 1 or 1 till 6 but times can be flexible if bookings are light
Is there a size limit for the passengers - XXL guys 4 is our limit We have a weight limit of 600kg 5 average or 6 jockeys or kids we have fitting lifejackets for everyone on board standard sizes and very big. Lifejackets have to be worn while we are moving when its not calm. Do we take the fish home - Yes its all yours I might take a bit if we get plenty or if you dont need it
Is the fish filleted - Yes I fillet it if you want or take it whole
How long have you been fishing in Wellington - I have been running my own charter business for 29 years
Do you have a bigger boat - No I like my boat and taking smaller groups we can do more with it and dont have to fish out fishing spots to keep everyone happy.
Can we get some pauas - Sure but pre arrange with me
Do you think we will catch something - Definately. the better the fish the better my facebook page looks click on blue text top of page
When is the best time of the year to go fishing Wellington region - Can catch fish year round but if you are picking the best time November to April and January to March best time for snapper kingfish we get plenty of those.
where do you take us - Wellington west coast out from Titahi Bay Porirua City Mana Kapiti Makara Cook Strait
What if it is bad weather - I dont go in too rough seas but depends on whats around and what you are happy with sometimes we can get some shelter without compromising safety and still catch fish we might have a rolly ride to a calmer spot to be assessed on the day and we have the right to cancel at last minute if the weather changes unexpectedly, this is Cook Strait.
Do you ever catch nothing - Very occasionally the fish are off the bite we can try other things but it happens with everyone sometimes. Usually a reasonable or good catch.
What kind of tackle do you supply - Penn 330 gt2 sets with braid there are a couple of Shimano torium sets for jigging and some heavy gear for groper.
What kind of fish do we get - Leave it up to me to do whats best on the day it depends on wind tides temperature usually bottom fishing for tarakihi snapper blue cod kahawai kingfish trevally gurnard.We can specialise in groper or kingfish or albacore tuna but I need to know and more patience is required for those bigger fish sometimes.
What is the cancelation policy-No refunds for pulling out for any reason including the flu unless I can replace the booking,I would refund if I cancel.

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Join one of our organised trips for $160pp 240pp or $140pp to do this option just send an email to TheCaptain@WellingtonFishing.co.nz with subscribe in the subject box.

I am a very keen fisherman and diver I live in Titahi Bay and we have a cool boatshed on the beach that I sit in with my wife and friends or visit mates in other sheds I am a tradesman and make a few handrails and balustrades for customers in long periods of bad weather Its great when we get good fishing people have said it was the best fishing trip theyve ever had and someone once told me it was the best experience of his life it helps when the weather is good and the fish are biting ha.

We get bookings from people from all walks of life, tradesmen, professionals out for a day team building, families, tourists this photo is an older one when I used to take trips on a bigger boat too.

Snapper fishing off our 6 metre cat is popular for an evening trip, we also catch them in the summer and autumn whilst fishing for tarakihi.

Either assemble your mates and make a group booking or call in as an individual, it is usually quicker if you have your group and are ready to book a date.

If you are on our email list you will be informed of other available places and all the local fishing news. Just send us an email with 'subscribe' in the subject box

World plastic polution problem It is my policy to not contribute to the horrendous plastic polution that is choking the oceans so no dumping of rubbish please. We take from the sea so we have to care for it too it is all a part of us we are all one so respect it I have made it my responsibility to keep the area I walk my dog on Porirua harbour as plastic free as I can and have been right through the reeds in the lagoon and everywhere removing all the plastic some of it has been there for many years I just got sick of seeing it if other people had the same idea all over the world there would be less of a problem but at least we can keep our bit clean it is not a lowly job but it is a lonely job.

Special trips for cruise ship visitors or tourists

How to book a fishing charter Wellington NZ

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Ph Neil 027 207 9159
After Hours (04) 236 8605