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Fishing Charter Wellington? great trips for all needs and budgets.
Westcoast Charters Ltd.are now running all year round out of Titahi Bay (Porirua City) to the Makara coast and places like Hunter bank and many other spots off Wellington's stunning west coast
We can cater for fishermen or divers and have a wealth of experience in both sports.If you can organise a small group of your friends or workmates I can get you out anytime in my 21ft cat.
If you are visiting the region and without transport I can organise it and have you back on time.
There is good accomodation available in the Porirua City region which I can organise.

Monthly Mailing List

We have a growing mailing list for our monthly newsletter, it will keep you up to date with our catches or diving information. If you would like to be added to our Emailing list send an e-mail with "Subscribe" in the subject header, no other information is needed, the address that the e-mail was sent from will be added to our list.


Usually BYO on Felix to maximise the fishing time, but they can be provided on request.
If requested we can have a cup of tea / coffee available as you arrive, good if you've come a few miles.
Also a bbq can be provided for lunch or breakfast can be ready for you you need to ask for this at the time of booking it is an extra charge. we can cook some fish too or do sushi.

Types of trips

The standard fishing trip we go where I think you will get the best fishing due to the time of year and water temp etc etc these all have an influence on what fish we get we go out and try to get a good catch of everything and hopefully a few good sized fish for the photo as well as the eaters suitable for all ages probably for people with some fishing experience and sea experience but ok for beginners too.
Deep water fishing Using the big gear stand up and wind 9/0 reels 30 oz sinkers 150-200 metres for groper and whatever else might jump on hard work takes up a big chunk of the day but its good if the sea is calm and the groper are biting really tasty big fish it is better to be ready to go when the weather window occurs rather than just booking but we can just book a day and might have to fall back on inshore if too rough.
Family trip Mum Dad and the kids or maybe two families sharing the cost I tailor this to suit so that everyone has a good time lots of easy fun and action and fish to take home
Diving trip we can take scuba or snorkel divers I am not a trainer or guide you need to know what you are doing and be qualified I have lots of diving experience myself in our local area and have had training including rescue diver and instructor.
Half way through any trip we can stop off somewhere for a break and do a bit of snorkeling I can even pick you up a feed of pauas if you want but ask at booking time.
I have experience taking channel swimmers across Cook Strait my boat Felix is not licenced for Cook Strait crossings but I can be a pilot for swimmers along the coast and a few miles out
Treat yourself trip If you want a more personalised trip I can take just one or two of you it is the same boat cost but more space on the boat and a better quality experience we can have the barbeque for a bacon and egg breakfast at the wharf hot drinks and barbeque lunch if an all day trip less emphasis on filling the boat with fish but targeting a few good specimens and using the better quality tackle.

Information for total beginners

There are various charters for fishermen, join a group of strangers, this is ok and you will learn something but if you are part of a large group you will probably not receive much personal help and ask how many others you will be sharing with, these charters are better if you know whats what. also you may not have too much say in where and what you do.
Make up your own group and book the entire boat, better option, you can decide as a group what type of fishing you want and we will do our best to deliver, also you can say what time you want to leave and return make a firm booking with deposit on your selected date if it is available.
One on one tuition, go for the smaller boat with your own group of like minded people and we can basically show you the ropes without being stretched, joining in as an individual here is ok as I am right by you.

Tackle to Bring

If you have your own tackle then you should bring a

24kg set with braid, we use 80lb and 50lb braid on our hire tackle braid is best when groper fishing or you wont feel the bite

A 10kg set with lighter line.

Hooks, bring rigs with either 15/0 - 16/0 circle or 14/0 powerbaiter/easibaiter hooks tied to heavy mono approx 1.8mm dia, some lumo tubing is good.
have 60 - 80lb mono sacrificial trace tied to the bottom and to the sinker.

For inshore fishing we usually use strong 1/0 or 2/0 flasher rigs or bare hooks but a variety is good.

Sinkers, 30oz for groper plus say 24oz if the weather is calmer. For inshore or deeper water tarakihi a selection of 4oz - 12oz is recommended

If snapper fishing in the summer 6/0 flasher rigs or just hooks are good.
We have 5 groper rods and 12 inshore sets available but I need to know beforehand how many to bring these are included in the price they are good basic sets well used but not too rough if you want a better quality of tackle I have 2 Shimano Vortex rods with Torium reels you can hire these for $25 each.


Getting a group together can often be easy but if it proves difficult send me an email with your contact details and when you can be available and I will be able to get you in on a trip in the near future. See the fishing page for prices.


We have gift vouchers for a place on a fishing charter, details of our fishing trips are within.
For a unique and probably much appreciated Christmas or birthday present.
The prices are $600,or $700 for a group of up to 5 or starting at $150 for 5 hr or $220 for all day for an individual voucher all you have to do is email your request then I will send our account numbers, I can email them or post, saves all that running around the shops.
A popular request is for several, a wife will ring around a couple of freinds who all buy them for their partners.
Merry Christmas you are going on a trip with your mates!

Vouchers are valid for the Summer then they expire so it is a good idea to be on our mailing list, trips to join in are advertised there and on this website. there will be opportunities for you to come through our email messages if it is not convenient or you have illness or work commitments or cannot get away midweek there is still no refund or time extension.


Overpopulation is a real problem it is creating all sorts of issues everyone drives cars needs more and more from the planet and everything we need has plastic attached and I suspect worldwide a lot of it just gets dumped in the river to be taken away to the sea problem solved the cheap and easy way but we all know it is a growing problem in the oceans what can we do? Well in our small way Westcoast Charters has taken ownership of the problem in Porirua harbour New Zealand for years I walked the dog past ever increasing plastic rubbish on the shores Im not the rubbish collector its not my problem.Really? it is our problem we created it I decided to clear up the whole stretch where I walk it didnt take that much effort a few months of 20 min a walk twice a week and it was all cleaned up every little bit all through the grasses and reeds at the lagoon too so we can do something about it with little effort we are part of our planet we are the same we should respect it every town has a huge population and there are hundreds of people who dont work or who have time on their hands who can keep their backyard clean it makes you feel good too DO IT


No booking is secure until the deposit is paid bookings can be made over the phone or by sending your contact information and requested charter date to Neil@wellingtonfishing.co.nz my response will always be curteous and helpfull, if there is a cancellation due to bad weather we can simply pick another day and there will be no problems with refunds.Unclaimed deposits expire 1 month after cancelled trip


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