Mana Island Scientific Reserve

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The steep sided and seemingly flat topped Mana Island is a distinctive feature of Wellington's west coast.
Beyond, the Cook Strait becons the groper fishermen on a day like this.
The 217 hectare island lies only 2.5km from the mainland at it's closest point and it is once rumoured to have been connected by a natural causeway 'the bridge' a shallow stretch of water now 6m deep in parts.
Mana Island's name is an abbreviation of "Te Mana o Kupe ki Aotearoa", which acknowledges the achievements of Kupe, the legendary 12th century Polynesian navigator, who discovered this land - Aotearoa.

I can transport you there between 8.00am and 5.00pm.
Access may be made in the bay between the old woolshed and the wharf and a degree of agility is required as the area is not set up to receive visitors due to the scientific reserve status, we are allowed on as long as regulations are followed.

Walking tracks lead to spectacular views of the north and south island, an historic lighthouse site and a concrete gannet colony to help attract the gannets.
Takahe have been successfully introduced, there are giant weta the worlds largest insect, a kiwi and fairy prions have been fledged there to encourage them to return.
Displays featuring the history and natural features of Mana Island are housed in the old woolshed, the ranger and assistant ranger are very helpfull as long as they are not too busy.

Mana Island took a lot of time and effort to become rodent free so boats are not allowed to tie up to the island, everything is protected and nothing may be removed.
Fires and smoking are not permitted and dogs or other pets are not allowed.

Guided or unguided trips with maps can be arranged and the Island has a few stories to tell.

Call Neil 04 2368605 or 025 2079159 to arrange a visit.
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